Who is Snake Oil Comics?

Welcome to the official page for all things Snake Oil Comics! Snake Oil Comics is a podcast dedicated to helping independent comic creators get the word out about their work, and comics in general. We also offer commentary on nerd life, what's hot on new comic day, and our general shenanigans. All this excitement packed into one podcast recorded live every Wednesday from the colon of comics in Saginaw Michigan, Coy's Comics. The show is hosted by Travis, Devin, Steve, and a menagerie of SOC characters. Founded in 2014 when Travis and Devin were working together, and Travis discovered Devin had a lack of knowledge of anything good in comics. Instead of saving the all of Travis's bewilderment between them, they decided to take the shaming public and SOC was born.

Travis- The viking overlord of SOC. Travis constantly berates his co-hosts and poor comic choices of those that pop into the shop. He is a indie creator himself and is one of the founding members of the Michigan Comics Collective. He is unapologetically crass, and loves to give his opinion as fact.

Devin- Official slicked back hair guy and yes man for Travis. He is the silent partner on the show. Occasionally, he is forced to drive the struggle bus and run a show by himself. He lacks any talent, has terrible taste in comics, and is still around because he owns the recording equipment.

Steve- A.k.a. Steeph, a.k.a. Sean Astin, a.k.a. Hat Guy Steve, a.k.a. Samwise Gamgee, a.k.a. The Large Wearing a Medium. Steve is the owner of Coy's Comics. He is the inside man on what's happening in comics, as long as it's from DC and Marvel. He is a comic artist and another founding member of the Michigan Comics Collective.